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Guns & Smoke // Bar & Grill

Full Branding & Marketing Package

We provided a full branding and marketing package for guns and Smoke, a newly launched restaurant in London. After initial meetings with the owner/directors we were able to design and strategise a campaign three months before the launch date of the restaurant.

Web/Graphic Design

g&s2We initially designed and developed the restaurant’s website completely in line with the owners concept and style including galleries, events pages, an interactive menu as well as many other features.

We also designed and developed graphic design elements such as a selection of logos based on the restaurant concept and branding.

We also designed and produced a full package of promotional material such as: Leaflets, coupons, letterheads, web banners and business cards as well as the loyalty card system for the restaurant, a series of three different types of points-based loyalty cards, each with unique encoding enabled to work with the restaurants EPOS till system.


At this stage we were now ready to begin the SEO and online marketing phase in the run up to the launch. Including an initial SEO development period to research the keywords we would be ranking for on the search engines such as Google & Bing. We produced unique content to be published on the restaurants website, this engaging content was optimised for search engines and was produced with the restaurants market and concept in mind.

We also produced thousands of back-links on directories, news websites, blogs and other online platforms as well as the social bookmarking platforms, thus creating a steady stream of targeted visitors to the website.

Social Media

At this stage we also launched the restaurants Social Media network, registering profiles across a variety of major social media platforms and some lesser known platforms as well as designing the profiles to be consistent with the restaurants brand, we shared the unique content we produced as well as engaged the restaurants potential audience and market through site specific posts.

Video Marketing

We then developed and designed a video marketing SEO campaign for the restaurant, producing a series of videos filmed within the restaurant. We sourced the background music, facilitated the voice over recording artist and produced the final series of videos, which were then uploaded to all relevant video-based websites and social media platforms. An SEO campaign was then delivered specifically for the videos.


The SEO, Social Media, Branding and Marketing campaign is still ongoing, we have already achieved excellent results with the restaurant, with over 25,000 visitors to the site in four months and more importantly achieving exposure for the restaurant itself, which is currently booked up for the next two months.